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Sale August / Serge Valletti - Patrick Pineau

August Sale , Serge Valletti and Patrick Pineau
© MC93 Bobigny - City National Immigration - Regional Council of Languedoc-Roussillon - Evreux-Louviers National Theatre - National Theatre of Sète and the Bassin de Thau, 2010

Louis Aragon Theatre, Tremblay-en-France 05/02/2011

say blood, see the blood

August 1893, salt marshes of Aigues-Mortes. Halos white, changing to blue dummy, to orange stifling, then red definitive indefensible. The preliminary stage for the powerful. Oblivious of the human trapped, having no choice. Uprooting muted, as the distance. Yet daily, set in a landscape of sweat and tears. All slaves of this climate, but for reasons diametrically opposed. While the rich dream of mechanization, are concerned with growing and rising moons, their companions neurotic promises surprises galore on a deadlocked umpteenth Seagull .

The red herring, a certain Charles Cros: first declamation junk, then key opener souls. On stage, actors are busy, as silhouettes on a film. The Italian engineer, the wealthy, Compagnie des Salins du Midi, the idealistic student, the mother lost in his delusions, the girl rebel ... France behind its shuttered windows, with his innocent and his killers' Nothing like a massacre to forget one another! "

Day August 15. Or the prosperity of the pogrom. While small-and middle-class dream theater artists, no-grade, invisible, overwhelmed, struggling with brine and a blazing sun, money in hand, improvise a precarious utopia, the sounds of flutes and tambourines. Strange exotic and familiar, focusing hatreds and passions. A Giovanni Giordano. A certain Joseph Constant. Headquarters of the bakery's widow Fontaine. The film is accelerating. "With change myself! "On the other hand, screams of those who bear the blows," hearts et poumons », pavés, fourches. Le décor s’emballe, perd toute mesure. Vent qui se lève. « Nos cœurs secs et immobiles. » La grille restera fermée, indifférente au supplicié qui s’y accroche. Complice des bourreaux anonymes, ayant pignon sur rue.

Aigue Morte – Siamo morti !
Perchè siamo Italiani !
Il sale del nostro sudore
Zucchero sangue
Collati nei paludi !

Replacer les événements dans leur contexte, rappelle the master. A Sack of Rome. A rereading, to piece together. Instead of the Barbarians, the Roman legions. "Always ask why? "
Man to 10 francs. Sentenced for all others. Who saved their reputation. As we save a bank account. And that makes mad collective cowardice. Africa will soon, Dahomey, Senegal, its mirages, its salt. Then the camps. "This man needs to change for the world to change! And again: "Remember, funny idea! "

Remember this lagoon bathed screams, blood and tears. Remember silences, selfishness, exiles. Remember all those new world grind, tore. Continues to grind, to snatch. Remember the wind and waves. Our rain and our lunch of Aigues-Mortes.

© georges festa - 02.2011

Sale August. Sad comedy in four acts by Serge Valletti. Directed by: Patrick Pineau.
According The massacre of the Italians. Aigues-Mortes, August 17, 1893 , Gerard Noiriel.
With: Gilles Arbona, Nicolas Bonnefoy, Hervé Briaux, Celia Catalifo, Laurence Cordier, Felix Pierre Gravel, Laurent Manzoni, Sylvie Orcier.
Assistantship at the staging: Anne Soisson. Lighting: Marie Nicolas. Sound: Jean-Philippe Francois. Set Design: Sylvie Orcier. Costumes: Sylvie Orcier Charlotte Merlin. Accessories: Leon Renaud. General Authority: Florent Fouquet.

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